Make Sure Your Property Has a Sturdy Roof

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To keep your home safe and dry, you'll need a high-quality roof. Rely on a reputable company to make sure your roof is installed correctly. Choose DNA Construction for roofing services. We can work with shingle and metal materials from any brand. Rest assured that we'll only use the most reliable products. Count on us if you ever need repair services down the line.

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How to tell if you need a new roof

If your roof is beyond repair, you'll need a replacement. You should arrange for roofing services if you notice:

  • Light coming in through your attic
  • Mold or mildew growth on your roof
  • Missing shingles or materials on the ground

Our experts will be able to determine whether or not a replacement is the best option for your specific needs. Call 208-731-9132 today if you're concerned about your roof.

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